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Welcome to Purple Thorn Photography!

I’m Haylee.  I’m mainly a natural light portrait photographer. But, since I’m a mom as well, I know a little bit about role-playing.  That being said, I’ve been known to take studio portraits, commercial/product photography, as well as dabbling in graphic design.


I’ve always been drawn to photographs.  As a child, I would scour through old family portraits reminiscing on old times or learning something new about my parents or grandparents.  I could sit for hours digging through old photos or watching old home videos.  It’s somewhat magical to me.  The fact that you can look back on a suspended moment in time, and have emotions brought to the surface is absolutely amazing.


That’s what I aim to do as a photographer.  I want to capture moments in your life that will bring a smile to your face 10 years down the road. I want you to remember me as the crazy chick who made your kids laugh and light up like the vegas strip. I want to make taking your photos as painless and enjoyable as possible while capturing your individuality and spark!

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